About us

Mission: Accelerating social investments.

Vision: To become a leading microenterprise development institution in Armenia.

  1. Values: Honesty, equality, fairness, tolerance, transparency

Microenterprise Development Fund (MDF) is an Armenian non-for profit organization founded in 2000, as a result of merger of two microfinance projects run by Save the Children Federation Inc (280K USD initial capital) and Catholic Relief Services (190K USD initial capital). The ultimate purpose of this merger was to create a single unit professional microfinance institution that clients of both programs could have relied in the long-run. Since then, MDF has passed through several and significant phases of institutional transition and structural changes, by delightfully passing all the challenges on its way through. The success factors were MDF’s core values and its strong commitment to them, which are Customer satisfaction, Commitment to mission, Quality and Competitive Products, Excellence, Teamwork, Professionalism and Accountability.

As of today, with assets of about 15 mln USD and clients of about 12,500 all over Armenia, MDF fosters micro-entrepreneurship by providing loans to micro and small entrepreneurs, with 60% of its loan portfolio allocated in rural area.

MDF continuously improves and diversifies its services to ensure institutional growth, client retention, and increased customer loyalty and satisfaction with all aspects of the fund's operations. For this reason, MDF has founded (2010) a Universal Credit Organization called KAMURJ (full ownership over its subsidiary), to separate financial services from its core non-financial services. By doing so, MDF aims to reach a unique synergy effect, serving its clients two-handed.


"Kamurj" UCO LLC is reorganized into "Kamurj" UCO CJSC

"Kamurj" UCO has been reorganized into a closed joint-stock company in accordance with the MDF Board of Trustees’ decision taken on January 30, 2012.

Garage wine-making in Armenia

Wine-making has a long history in Armenia, and Microenterprise Development Fund has determined to support small enterprises working in this field.