Advisory services
The Advisory Services (AS) component will encourage access and use of new farming and processing technologies and innovative approaches, advise seasonal planning, marketing and establishing cooperation of farmers. This includes: 


  • - Site selection
  • - Planting and crop establishment
  • - Crop management
  • - Crop protection
  • - Growing systems
  • - Covering Systems
  • - Pest and disease control
  • - Animal breeding


Advisory services that MDF provides to farmers and rural community groups include any advice in the frame of the project. Advisory services differ from project to project. For upcoming 3 projects which are Anti hail project, Sustainable development of Guy and Kornidzor communities, and Networking cold chains in villages, there is specific set of advisory services. Specialists (outsourced) and project managers (MDF’s resources) will be involved in project management, who will assist in project implementation stage too.


This line of services includes, but is not limited to, Accounting and Legal services, Business planning and design.


"Kamurj" UCO LLC is reorganized into "Kamurj" UCO CJSC

"Kamurj" UCO has been reorganized into a closed joint-stock company in accordance with the MDF Board of Trustees’ decision taken on January 30, 2012.

Garage wine-making in Armenia

Wine-making has a long history in Armenia, and Microenterprise Development Fund has determined to support small enterprises working in this field.